Taxation Services

Tax can be a challenging area when setting up and managing a business. Q Global Accounting Ltd provides a comprehensive range of domestic and international tax services, including:

•    International Tax Consulting
•    Corporate Tax & Personal Tax
•    Indirect Tax
•    Duty on Document Transfers
•    Application for Government Tax Grants

International tax consulting

International tax is crucial for business when it comes to intellectual property planning, cross-border mergers, acquisitions and dispositions, corporate reorganizations and internal group restructurings. Our team can assist your business in international tax reporting and compliance management.


Corporate & Personal Tax

Our team is proficient in the latest tax legislation & practices and are ready to assist you in making the right decisions at the right time, preventing risks and exploiting all the opportunities to optimize the financial performance of the company.

When it comes to assessing your personal tax situation, Q Global Accounting Ltd can assist you in the preparation of your personal income tax returns availing oneself from any tax credits to minimize tax cost.


Indirect Taxation

Indirect taxes such as VAT, customs duties and eco-contributions are imposed on various transactions including, sales, purchases, shipping or production of goods. Such taxes can represent a major cost, compliance burden and a cash flow management challenge. Our indirect tax services include:

1.    Domestic and International VAT advisory
2.    VAT Compliance including but not limited to:
        a.    Assistance with VAT registration, 
        b.    Preparation and submission of VAT returns, 
        c.    Preparation and submission of Recapitulative Statements, 
        d.    Intrastat and other VAT forms,
        e.    VAT refunds pursuant to the 8th directive.

Duty on Documents and Transfers

Malta adopts a system of imposing a duty on particular documents including certain policies of insurance and transfers of particular assets such as immovable property and securities whether by causa mortis or otherwise. Q Global can offer guidance in regard of duty imposition in the most cost-effective manner. 

Application for Government Tax Grants

The Maltese Government may from time to time issue tax incentives that are aimed to assist SME’s with their tax cashflow. Our team at Q Global can help you pinpoint the right scheme for your business and assist in the application process of such tax credit schemes. Such schemes may include:

•    Micro Invest Scheme
•    Start-up Finance
•    Family Business Grant
•    Research & Development 
•    Investment Aid