Day-to-Day Accounting Solutions, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

As a business owner focused on managing operations and creating shareholder value, one seldom has time to oversee the accounting department. Our experienced accounting professionals at Q Global Accounting Ltd can handle your day-to-day tasks through our Back-Office Accounting Solutions.

Q Global Accounting Ltd can provide the expertise of an accounting team in possession of strong accounting knowledge and vast experience spanning across multiple industries and accounting systems.  We are committed to providing the tools you need to manage expenses and optimize cash flow through the provision of meaningful financial statements and expert advice. 

After understanding the specific requirements of your business, we can put together a customized package of accounting and bookkeeping services including but not limited to: 

•    Updating of records onto an accounting software for small, midsized and international businesses,
•    Issuing of sales invoices and customer statements
•    Performing bank reconciliations
•    Preparation of VAT Returns, VAT refunds under the 8th directive and Recapitulative Declarations 
•    Drawing up performance reports, statement of financial position, and other financial reports
•    Preparation of Management Accounts and Financial statements,
•    Budgets and financial projections,
•    Cash flow management

Facilitation of your Management Decision Process

Management accounting involves the preparation and provision of timely financial and statistical information to business managers so that they can make day-to-day and short-term managerial decisions. 

The information found in management accounting is vastly different than that generated in financial accounting. Financial accounting reports tend to be based on historical data whilst management reports are primarily forward-looking. Furthermore, management accounting produces reports for a company’s internal stakeholders while financial accounting focuses more on external stakeholders.

Management accounting reports give a clear picture of the company’s available cash, recent generation of sales revenues, the organization’s accounts payable and receivable, and several other detailed information.