Taxation and International Structures

Tax, accounting and governance decisions can seriously affect results, leading to maximized revenue and cost savings, or lost opportunities, fines and penalties. When you partner with advisors at Q Global Accounting Ltd, your planning is sound. Our team of professionals has expertise in virtually all functional areas and jurisdictions and when you turn to us for help with challenging domestic or international tax matters, you can be confident that you're receiving expert advice that is ready for implementation.

Q Global Accounting Ltd provides a comprehensive range of domestic and international tax services, including:

  • International Tax Planning
  • Corporate Tax
  • Personal Tax
  • Indirect Tax

International Tax Planning

Whether you are a long-established global player or simply testing cross-border opportunities, global tax planning matters. Tax is one of the most important environmental variables because it helps determine what kind of corporate structure is appropriate, where intellectual property should be located and how global supply chains should be configured to help mitigate overall effective tax rates.

Our team of Tax professionals provides specialized services to support our clients’ international and cross-border activities, including:

  • Global effective tax rate planning
  • International tax planning for business change in areas such as intellectual property planning, cross-border mergers, acquisitions and dispositions, corporate reorganizations and internal group restructurings
  • International tax reporting and compliance, and global compliance management

Corporate Tax

Our team is proficient in the latest tax law and practice which can help you make the right decisions at the right time and ensure that taxation issues do not end up running your business. 

Our team has the requisite skills to precisely pinpoint potential tax problems and provide our clients with complete and practical advice, while informing them of legislation and law enforcement developments on a timely basis, preventing risks and exploiting all the opportunities to optimize the financial performance of the company.

Personal Tax

When it comes to assessing your personal tax situation, you should be sure that you comply with tax laws, but you should also know that you are benefiting from any tax credits available to you. 

We also advise on and provide a tax-effective approach for important transactions, such as the sale of a business or transfer of property.

Indirect Tax

Indirect taxes like VAT, customs duties and eco-contributions are imposed on various transactions including, sales, purchases, shipping or production rather than directly on the property or income of the consumer.

Indirect taxes are generally included in the price of goods and services so are less obvious to those paying the taxes than direct taxes.

While they can represent a major cost and compliance burden, such taxes can often also offer a cash flow management challenge.

Our indirect tax services include:

Domestic and international VAT advisory

Whether you are looking to reduce costs or use VAT to achieve competitive advantage, we provide you with the tax technical insights and skills you need to realise your most important business ambitions.

VAT Compliance

For businesses with an EU VAT registration, and providing taxable supplies of goods or services, there are a number of requirements to follow to ensure they are fully compliant with European VAT regulations.

Whereas less than excellent VAT house-keeping can result in penalties, damaged reputation, and missed opportunities, it is a challenge to retain consistently excellent standards of compliance with the requirements of the ever-evolving VAT law.

In order to help taxpayers in meeting this challenge, Q Global Accounting Ltd provides services such as :

  • Assistance with VAT registration, 
  • Preparation and submission of VAT returns, 
  • Preparation and submission of recapitulative statements, 
  • Intrastat and other VAT forms.

We also assist taxpayers in filing objections and appeals, liaise with the VAT Department on such matters and support taxpayers in the course of tax audits or other investigations by tax authorities.

Duty on Documents and Transfers

Malta adopts a system of imposing a duty on particular documents including certain policies of insurance and transfers of particular assets such as immovable property and securities whether on death or otherwise.

We offer guidance on all aspects of duty including the transfers of property in the most cost-effective manner and on your eligibility to duty exemptions.



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