Audit and Assurance

Audit and assurance services form a major part of the work we do for our clients on a continuing basis. Our assurance team is highly trained and committed to provide statutory and regulatory audits of the highest standards. We aim to exceed client expectations, by continuously reviewing our own effectiveness and efficiency, and by maintaining close communication with the client throughout the audit process. Through a broad range of innovative, high-quality and cost effective solutions we can help your business improve its financial control and regulatory reporting system.

At Charles Scerri & Associates we provide a high quality audit which focuses on understanding the way the client’s business operates and its control issues. Our audit procedures combine the application of professional knowledge with a tailored approach specifically catering for the particular client`s requirements and characteristics. However, we do not limit our services to the audit of the financial statements as our audit professionals are ready to help with the analysis of the audit findings and also provide a variety of value added services. We also provide audits of liquidations, internal audits and consolidations.

That’s because we approach your audit with a deep and broad understanding of your business, the industry in which you operate, and the latest regulatory standards. We consider the risks your company faces, the way management controls these risks and the transparency of your company’s reporting to stakeholders.

Our highly technical staff has the right tools and methodologies to adapt to your organisations’ needs. We can also call on our wider network of experts – from actuaries to internal control, financial modeling specialists and legal teams who can provide specialist solutions.

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